Hello lovely people of WHI,
I havent written in a long time, but recently someone told me how much of an impact can blog writing have on your life and I decided it was time to start.
As one youtuber said : "The great morning routine has a f*** you task" (The one that you never feel like doing and it is best to get rid of it in the morning) so I think there is no better time to finally write the article/blog, than now, in the evening, cause I am a procrastinator.

I will mostly talk about my everyday thoughts

I guess its time to start...
one more uh
OK ready to go

My name is Karla and this afternoon I had a lot of ideas to write about, but now my mind is blank . That actually happens a lot to me. I mean.. it is not blank, but when I need to start talking to people I suddenly lose all my communication skills and dont know how to put my thoughts into words (plus I am not writing on my mother language- Croatian which is making it even harder.).
I am really interested in psychology, especially in psychotherapy (cant wait for next semester to finally learn about psychodiagnosis) and personality. Naturally I like to take different quizes online for fun knowing that most of them are not even close to real results since they are based on he Barnum effect (common psychological phenomenon whereby individuals give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically to them, that are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people)

So there is this 16 personalities test made by Myers and Briggs (known as MBTI), which I know is not the best choice looking from methodological and statistical side (If you want the most accurate personality test go for big 5) but I will mention it since I found to mostly agree with it. (Not because the Burnam effect :P)
I got the result of being an advocate type :
76%Introverted, 24% extroverted
55%intuitive , 45% observant
60% feeling, 40% thinking
63%judging, 37% prospecting
69% turbulent, 31%assertive
-Creative, insightful, altruistic, decisive... and
"Inspiring and Convincing –Advocates have a fluid, inspirational writing style that appeals to the inner idealist in their audience. "
* me: laughs at my writting skills looking at this article and thinking they made a mistake putting this as a strenght *
..to continue the weaknesses:
Sensitive (I can snap sometimes but mostly I end up crying)
perfectionist (when I am drawing/making something... but not so much otherwise * looking at the pilles of clothes around me *)

AND finally comming to the point of the article
"Extremely Private – Advocates tend to present themselves as the culmination of an idea. This is partly because they believe in this idea, but also because Advocates are extremely private when it comes to their personal lives, using this image to keep themselves from having to truly open up, even to close friends. Trusting a new friend can be even more challenging for Advocates."

Advocates are searching for a soul mate, someone who shares every facet of their passions and imagination.

*I know so many nice people but I cant click with them.
*I have great friend at college but I know she will be leaving next year and I dont know how i feel about it. It is hard for me because I am hard to open up and its hard to make friends like that and I have no idea how she sees me. I feel so awkward sometimes because I feel I said sth wrong or didnt say what I should, acted weirdly....

I am extremely happy and grateful for my boyfriend. He is the only one with whom I have that special connection and can talk to without limitations. If it wasnt for him I dont know how I would function.
I have few male friends that I love spending time with because we all have a similar way of thinking even though we are completely different.
But I think you girls will understand that there are some times you need girl talks and activities. I really miss them.

I had a BFF and a cousin. Us 3 were like 3 in 1 cappuccino, we would go everywhere and do everything together and I am grateful for memories I had with them but as you grow you change and that relationship with them wasnt right for me. I was to different. I hope they know I dont hate them and think badly of them because I drifted away. Their life style just wasnt something I wanted for me.

So here I am, writing "so" too many times, hopping I will found a SOul mate and SOmeone who understands me and wouldnt mind my way of thinking, SOmetimes silly messages or no messages at all and talking about the universe and secrets of a human heart.

Lots of love and happy hearting! And once again thank you for reading all of this, it means a lot <3