Getting a decent sleep can sometimes feel impossible -- we know because we’ve been there. Continue reading to find out a few ways that we’ve found help us catch our zzz’s.

Turn your smartphone off an hour before bed

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Seriously -- do it. The blue light from your phone can really harm your sleep! If you MUST use your phone before you snooze, make sure you turn it on “night mode”.

Use a sleep mask

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Block out the outside world with a sleep mask. Shop our faves below!

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Slip Silk Eye Mask
KITSCH Rituals Satin Eye Mask

Don’t drink caffeine too late

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We love coffee just like the rest of you. Caffeine earlier in the day is fine, but make sure you’re not drinking it too close to bedtime! It could take HOURS to fall asleep.

Drink a calming beverage

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If you can’t sleep, we’ve found it helpful to try a soothing drink or supplement that helps speed up the process. Shop what we use below!

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Moon Juice Dream Dust
Yogi Sleepytime Tea

Use white noise

Silence driving you crazy?! Put on some white noise in the background. The sounds of the ocean or the slight hum of nature may help you.


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Sometimes it’s your 50,000 thoughts keeping you up at night. Download a meditation app or try deep breathing exercises to calm you down.

Our favorite apps:

What’s your best trick for falling asleep quick?! Send us a message!

Happy zzz's!