•For In Dreams, We Enter A World That's Enterely Our Own•


moon, luna, and art image moon, sky, and hands image moon, night, and tree image moon image
Luna (it means the moon)


eyes, eye, and eyebrows image girls, grunge, and tumblr image shoulder, black and white, and girl image eyes, aesthetic, and eye image
light brown eyes with a little bit of green, dimples, a lot of moles


girl, nature, and freedom image girl, hair, and flowers image apple, girl, and nature image girl, hair, and aesthetic image
light brown, sparkle in the sun, a little curly


Image removed makeup, girl, and beauty image makeup, eyes, and beauty image lips, aesthetic, and makeup image
natural, keep it simple


alternative, beige, and brown image fashion, model, and runway image necklace, gold, and accessories image crepuscule, fashion, and human body image aesthetic, crown, and hipster image fashion, white, and aesthetic image
i would wear simple , light color clothes, mostly dresses, also wear a lot of jewlery


angel, wings, and aesthetic image angel, girl, and aesthetic image
white/pink wings almost like an angel


Image by the2Ist quotes, book, and flowers image Image by ☁ crush, quote, and shy image
a little shy,funny , kind, moody , love those who loves me, loyal,


hand, nature, and grass image hands image Temporarily removed Image removed
healing, can talk to animals, fly , can make flowers/trees grow


art and painting image Temporarily removed deer, forest, and nature image unicorn, magic, and horse image water, feet, and summer image flowers, nature, and grunge image book, read, and vintage image Image removed
painting, walking in nature, hanging with animals, reading, swim in the nearby lake