Hello hearters, I hope that you have good day today.
I have problem and I really need a help because I don't know what can I do.

I'm 25 y.o, employee. live in my country and my country has a lot of rules that prevent us as "ladies" to meet boys or men in cafe or street or to publish her pics in social media ...etc, this is the society rules actually. and who'll do it, they called her b*** or shame on her. I really hated this rules and I promised myself that I'll break them one day.

in my job I wear hijab as the rules of country want that. there're a lot of men told me that I have pretty face and beautiful smile and smoothy voice to let them want to make the relationship, but because they are 39 and above, what they want is just to play on me "to do sex", and they said some words that mede me hate the life like, "you're hot, did you marry yet? your personality made us like in hot way, how old are you girl? what's your family name? come closer I want to show you something." actually, 4 men came and wanted to marry me, but they didn't know about me or my dreams, they want me to stay at home and cook for him, clean the house, cut my job...etc.
I born with housekeeper in my house, so I didn't learn yet how to cook or clean the house well.

I hated this job and I looked for another because I can't endure more they stare at me. all those circumstances drived me to look for a love by myself with somebody can understand me.
I decided after that and the only gate can let me go through it is the network gate.I looked for somebody in internet and I learned a lot of personalities analysis to practice that with them. I tried to find accuracy to a person that I can make a relationship with him.
I failed 4 times in relationships because they were just to play on me and they didn't care about me.

at the end, I found that man. he's in a company, he's 23 Y.O. yes he's younger than me in 2 years, but he has an intellegent mind. he's good employee and he is the head of any meeting in co. he's stylish and has a pure heart as I felt.

I added him in snapchat, he was cute enough to let me talk more. he always send his videos in story of snapchat, but just 3 times he sent me by privet videos about him. I sent to him my picture in smiling day, he saw it but he didn't say any comment. after that he was a little bit more formal while we are actually in formal way, on the other hand, I tried to be close with him but I felt that he was a little bit afraid from something.

after one week, he send in story for meeting up to everyone can invite by registration.when I opened I surprised that the tickets are finish, so I told him that I was happy to come but unfortunately I couldn't because the tickets were finished. he told me that has one ticket free, no one took it yet. i registered and I told him that I did. he asked me again to be sure if i'll come. I said yes.

I can tell you guys I really want to back to that moment, meeting up, because it was very pretty to me. meeting up room was like half of circle. there were 4 raws and 8 lines for each side( because males had right side and females in the let side), and he was in the front of everyone. I was lucky because there was a chair in the front and it was the last chair because I was late. when I set, he was exactly in front of me. in early minutes he didn't notice that I'm in front of him. he was very focus with the guest. after a minute he noticed me and he surprised and was happy but he doesn't want to show that, he was shying so he was tried to look at me but he couldn't. I was laughing in my heart because I was shying also, so we weren't strong enough to look each other in our eyes directly. then, one girl raised her hand to ask the guest. she was behind me in 2 raws. I turned my face to see her and I felt in the same time that there's somebody stare at me Now. I turned back my face towards for my feeling, and I surprised that was him. he was looking at me with exciting smiling face. I felt like he said in his heart" finally, she's here" or maybe I imagine that because I said it in my heart too..

when the meeting up finished, he ran away and disappear, I wanted to say hello for him but I didn't find him. I took Uber and I back home. he wasn't tell me anything about meeting, and he wasn't also asking me. his video stories came in less. and he was like 2 days didn't show anything.

he turned to be more formal and I was sad because I don't have any information to open it with him. I even wished that I'll be an employee in same company that he is. I actually sent my cv. to that company but they didn't answer.

he knew sight language and I was thinking if it's a good idea to let him teaches me, and in that time we can be closer.

in 14 of OCT 2018, before 4 days actually, I was in a mess day because it happened a lot of things that I hate the life and people in my job. one of these problem is a wife wants to fight with me because she thought the I smoothed my voice to tempt her husband while I didn't. yes I'm in mess place, and crazy people around me. I was mad of that and I opened the snapchat to see his stories. I surprised because he suddenly blocked me in snapchat as I thought. I was surprised and I cried in that time because nothing is beside me. I opened the instagram and I talked with him in DM. he saw the first question " why you did that?" and he off after that. I wrote that I didn't do something wrong to you to let you block me!
I wrote that around 6 pm. and in 1 am. he answered and he wrote " there's something wrong in snapchat, I couldn't open it!" I was still mad in that time, so I wrote" don't tell me there's someone hacked your account you're not even a famouse to let somebody hacked your account.
in 8 am. he answered and he wrote " I swear, I didn't know what happened in my account, I contacted with snapchat co. to find the solution."
I act as I understand it and I tried to help him just to know more if he's lying or not. he didn't want me to help him and he's just wrote" I talked with snapchat co. so I'll wait them."
he didn't also write like" don't worry, or , if they talk with me I'll tell you, or let me explain you more" he said nothing.

I upset! and I cried for 2 days because I really liked him! and I saw him like a unique of others. it's really hard to find another one because my feelings told me he's the right one, just believe him! but how I can believe him! how can I continue the relationship!

I talked with my friends to help me,but because they have bad relationships, they told me leave him already, he's bad, don't believe him.
he's polite, he's love his job, he's friendly and he's stylish. how could he is being a bad guy? maybe he's busy now and he wants to really wait the co. or maybe he's lying and I was the stupied girl that I believed him!!

Help me please!
you can contact me by email: weheartwejdan@gmail.com