this summer (august) i went to norway with my family and i think it's now my favorite trip with Mexico, so i wanted to share some advices about what to do and where to go…


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You can visit the ski jump and walk in the the town it's the first town that i visited, kind of reminds me San Fransisco idk why, peaceful and simple but unique.


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really cute town with colorful houses, also really quiet (i went on a sunday maybe that's why)


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just impressive, magnificent


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little vacation town, really quiet and simple an idyllic too , i swam in the sognefjord (fjord near from the town) and it was really coooool i recommend you to do it


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i went on a sunday too and it was not the best time: a lot of tourists but i have to admit that it is a really beautiful town, you can see cruise ships from the port

Rondane National Park

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i crossed it by the national turistveg and landscapes are absolutely unbelievable


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a little pavilion where you can observe reins and buffalo


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such a beautiful city, i also swam in the peninsula of bygdøy in front of the cruise ships. It's a modern architecture so aesthetic

And this is the end of my article, i hope you like it
see you