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I hate motherhood. I don't like any of it. The pregnancy was bad, but giving birth was even worse. Now I'm stuck with a crying baby who only wants my attention 24/7. I'm hungry. I need to feed. I'm irritable and fatigued. I can't understand how everyone else is doing this just fine. I killed Jasmine and now I'm ready to kill someone else in Cora's crew. She ruined my life and I'm ready to ruin her's. Why is she indestructible? She should be killed. She deserves it.

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Yoshi + Winnie

I walked to the kitchen. Yoshi and Winnie seemed to be enjoying breakfast. "Morning," Yoshi said. "Good morning," I replied. "Raven dropped off a box for you," he said, nodding at the package on the floor. It was a massive box. I opened it and inside there were packets of blood. She is a lifesaver. How did she know I needed it? I took a packet out and stuck a straw inside. I gulped it down in about three seconds. I noticed a note and picked it up to read it - thought you could use these since your body just went through hell. stay strong. don't be hesitant to ask for more if you need it. love, raven She's the best.

I sent her a thought. ~ thank you so much, raven. i was in dire need of these. i hope you and the babies are doing well ~ I poked a hole in another five and gulped those down. I need to work today. I haven't jewelry in two weeks which means our income is less than it needs to be. I just hope this little nuisance doesn't interfere with my work.