Hello everyone,this is my first articol.Here i tell my opinion about makeup.Why not?Very well,before that, I had the impression that my face was ugly but idk,anyway, the opinion of others does not matter.I still consider myself ugly, but I feel good in my skin, but here I am not talking about myself.Makeup makes you look beautiful, but makeup is made to hide beauty.Makeup is like a mask for us, girls.And what if someone is not so perfect,when someone tells me I'm ugly in my thought I say "I do not care about your opinion, since you are not so perfectly" moral "Feel good in your skin and do not hide behind a makeup that lasts just a few hours.I apologize if this article was so short but.I still practice English and I do not want to make so many mistakes.BYE BYE OR 내 마음은 어떡합니까? Hah <3 i love you <3 why not =)))