I love our little family. Faith's parents have been a significant help.

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We moved into our own home. It was much needed. I love being a dad already. It all just feels natural.

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I also expanded my green house. I wonder if Dixie will have a green thumb. I've also been working on some lake houses for us. I don't want any of us to be confined to one space.

I walked into our bedroom and saw Faith laying with Dixie. I couldn't help but smile. "My happy girls," I said. "Just finished feeding her. That's why she's happy," Faith said. Dixie looked at me and giggled. "How about you take a nap and I will take over for a while?" I offered. She smiled tiredly. "Thank you. I could use some sleep," she said. I walked over and kissed her head. "You're a warrior and you deserve more rest than me," I told her. Dixie reached for me and I picked her up.

Image by Sara Saddik

It's time for some daddy daughter time outside.