Name: Louise

Image by 𝐀𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐧 medieval and sword image
Louise means "famous warrior"
hair, brunette, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed
Appearance brown hair, brown eyes, petite, and


Temporarily removed


fashion, girl, and sexy image fashion, black, and outfit image dress and outfit image dress, black, and outfit image dress, blue, and flowers image
classy elegant sophisticated but she can be casual too


crown, princess, and gold image crown, Queen, and diamonds image crown and princess image crown and princess image
first two are my crowns and second two are my more casual tiaras


castle, garden, and beautiful image architecture, luxury, and old image chandelier and light image Image removed princess, bedroom, and glamour image Image removed Temporarily removed bedroom, luxury, and home image
the interior of my castle would be very ornate


dog, girl, and animal image Image removed adorable, bed, and cozy image
a dog named Pippa who has a spunky personality, but is always there for me when I am sad
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cape, castle, and enchanting image
fencing, archery, ballet, and some occasional yoga. I also like reading.


Anne Hathaway, princess, and the princess diaries image
princess mia, queen elsa,