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It's not a crime to be yourself

I always hear how weird I am.
But what actually is weird...
Who is weird?
Someone who's different?
Yeah, weird people are definitely different.
They don't fit in the stereotypes.
They think in a different way.
Bad way?
In a beautiful way. They are "weird" because they like different things from most of the people, sometimes things that most of the people actually don't like... That's because they've chosen to see the good in those things, to see what others don't want or just can't...
Those people don't want to look and act like the others just because everybody does and that's what others would like.
They're not afraid of being different... of being themself.
Most of the time those people are actually the ones you have most fun with, they are interesting and have really good and creative ideas.
They will show you another point of view for this wolrd.
You will appreciate them most and they will make you at least once feel different and "weird".
And that's okey because in a bouquet of ten white artificial flowers that are all the same and one colorful real flower you will appreciate the real one most.

~Be yourself no matter what