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Today marks one month since we started our We Heart It Writers Team and by now you have hopefully read an article from each of them, but you have yet to get to know all of them better, so let's get to it! Read on to learn all about more members of our Writers Team and see a picture that they love.

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Hello babes! My name is Nea and here in We Heart It, you’ll find me by the name @cherrybbombb. I have to say that my favorite thing about We Heart It is that I can find so much inspiration, amazing photos, and last but not least, I can share my texts here, it is amazing. I spend my spare time writing, photographing, chillin’ with my cats and doing makeup. Also, I’m addicted to coffee. My articles are mostly about makeup, lifestyle, and how to feel better about yourself, so if you want to read more, feel free to follow me and see if you find something that you like! Kisses

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Hello, beautiful hearters! My name is Aicha! I am beyond grateful and happy to be apart of the We Heart It Writer’s Team because there is nothing I love more than being in a positive and chill environment where I can share my pieces of writing. Besides writing and being really weird (which I love to do!), I love learning ASL (American Sign Language) using online courses on various websites. If you love fashion/makeup, entertainment, and trends, keep your eyes out for my articles!

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Zdravo svima!

My name is Tina, you'll find me as @FireBomb93 on We Heart It. Being a part of the Writing Team makes me particularly happy because I've been here since 2012 and this is definitely a place where I feel I can really be myself. As I like to say sometimes, for me, WeHeartIt is one of the warmest and most sincere social networks where you can truly be who you are. I believe that we all tell our life stories, dreams and suffers through the pictures we collect and articles we write.

That is actually my goal. I want to use my life experience, knowledge and hopes to write articles that can help people to feel less alone, to try to give them everyday tricks and tips. I write my way through life, so, sometimes the articles will be about life struggles, sometimes they will have happy notes, but I will always try to make them meaningful.

Also, I am always open to feedback or for making new friendships.

With love,

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Breena Ramsunder
Breena Ramsunder
Hello everyone! My name is Breena (@breenaramsunder). I am 19 years old and I’m from a small town in South Africa. I’ve been on We Heart It since October 2012 to 6 years and I’m proud of my dedication to the platform. I didn’t even realize that 6 years have already gone by. In a way, I’ve grown up with We Heart It. What keeps me coming back is the fact that We Heart It is not only a social media platform but a movement. The Writers Team is a perfect example of this idea. I’m so honored to be a part of this team of intelligent people all over the world. We Heart It is filled with positivity, intimacy and is one of the last platforms to be free of hate and negativity.
In a nutshell, I’m a hopeless romantic and an old soul. I love tattoos, piercings, sunlight, and poetry. I deal with a lot of anxiety but I’m working on coping with it better every day. When I’m not scrolling through We Heart It or writing articles, you’ll find me doing college stuff, watching Youtube videos, writing poetry, making plans to take over the world or sleeping.
If you keep up with my articles, you’ll be reading about fashion, beauty, lifestyle & travel, motivation, and self-care. I can’t wait to see where this takes all of us.
Take it easy babes,

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Hey guys! My name is Katia (@omgitskatia on WHI).

I’m from Canada, I’m 16 years old and I’m incredibly thrilled to be a member of the We Heart It Writers Team. Ever since I joined the We Heart It platform, I’ve always loved the diversity of not only its amazing content but of its users. It’s honestly the best feeling to interact with such a supportive and caring community, I absolutely adore making new friends. We Heart It is without a doubt my favorite creative outlet and most definitely one of my favorite apps to spend hours on!

When I’m not drowning in school work, I spend most of my time listening to music or writing the book that I hope to publish someday. While I usually write articles about poetry, music recommendations or even zodiac signs, I hope to try new things such as creative writing or advice articles!

Hope you all have a great day,
♡♡ katia ♡♡

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Bonjour! My name is Fay some of you may know me as @pastel_fay on We Heart It

I love We Heart It because it allows me to meet new people from all around the world. I am a passionate reader and writer, I am a Taurus, I love to draw, and I am a proud Hufflepuff. I'm hoping for my article guides and 'How To' article, but that doesn't mean I won't switch it up every now and then so stay tuned!

As always, love ♡Fay♡

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Hola Amores!

Please call me Ale (@alexandratejada). I’m a 20-year-old girl from Dominican Republic currently studying Performing Arts at SCAD! I’m so incredibly excited and happy to be part of this amazing team of writers. It reminds me so much of why I fell in love with We Heart it in the first place: the community. I love getting inspired by all the amazing artistry in this platform, and the beautiful positivity that everyone has towards one another.

When I’m not studying, you can find me writing about far-off worlds I create in my head, going out with my friends, watching movies, dancing the night away, and exploring different kinds of cuisines! I love cultures, languages, and their food haha! I can speak 4 languages so far, and currently learning another one! I very much love to travel. So, expect to see articles like that from me: traveling, life advice, beauty, fashion, and maybe I’ll do something different sometime. My first article with the team has already been posted so feel free to check it out. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!


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Hey, angles:) My name is Paulin (@paupru on We Heart It). I love We Heart It because of it’s beautiful, creative imagines and articles; it’s a place where I can find all the things I like and am passionate about. I also love the liberty and freedom WHI gives its members because it makes it a place of uniqueness and creative spirit Apart from looking at images and reading articles, I am very into working out, studying, watching movies, fashion, dancing, partying, astrology, meditating, doing yoga, and drinking coffee with friends (or alone lol). From my articles, you will find topics ranging from natural health and beauty alternatives to spirituality and I am currently working on releasing more literate/intellectual articles for those, who like me, love learning new things.

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Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, you can find me on We Heart It @stefaughnan. I’m 24 years old from southern New York. My favorite thing about We Heart It is the community; I know when I come on the app there is going to be so much positive, inspirational content. It’s become a staple in my morning routine to open up We Heart It to get outfit inspo for each day. I love to write about beauty, fashion, music, and luxe lifestyle so you’ll find tons of photos and articles to motivate and inspire you on my canvas. As a member of the We Heart It Writers team, I am so excited to deliver fresh, beautiful content to anyone who needs a spark of inspiration or just loves all things beautiful!

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