Hello everyone !

I feel like I never start these articles with the same greeting but oh well, that's like me, a bit messy but we don't mind.

So today is actually day 5 of this writing challenge: list five places you want to visit

  • I like the challenge of the day because I absolutely love travelling. Going way out of my comfort zone and discovering new cultures, new people (that I'll maybe appreciate more than the ones I've met here) and also new food (yes food is very important).

I'd like to say that the places aren't listed in any particular order
(and also, I understand "places" as cities.. So you'll only see cities)

1. ♡ Brussels

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I've visited most of the famous cities in western Europe but still haven't met the beautiful Brussels. Many friends of mine went there and adored it ! So it's on my "trip list". Plus the food there... waffles AND fries ? Oui oui oui !

2. ♡ Tulum

phoebe tonkin image tulum, quintana roo, and el castillo maya image Temporarily removed beach image
So a bit further away from Europe but so so pretty from what I've seen ! Would love to see this bit of paradise with my loved one ♡

3. ♡ Reykjavik

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Back to Europe, with this city in Iceland. I've seen wonderful images and I'm very intrigued by the city and what it has to offer.

4. ♡ Tokyo

35mm, architecture, and asian image japan, night, and tokyo image art, city, and japan image cherry blossoms, japan, and Shinjuku image
I've never ever been in an Asian country and I would love love love to. A lot of friends went there and loved it. They loved the difference between our western culture and theirs, which is very specific to Japan I think. How people behave there might make me like being around people who have manners. I think it's a city I must visit.

5. ♡ Cartagena

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I've been to Brazil many times (half brazilian gal here) and that's the only country in South America that I've visited. Cartagena de los Indios in Colombia looks gorgeous and I'd love to visit this place because of its history, its looks and its culture / food.

So that was it for day 5, I hope you guys liked it ! I had to narrow down the cities because if I could I'd explore the whole world.
I wish you a nice day / evening depending on where you are and see you tomorrow for the next challenge ♡

love, Jess ☾