Hello o/
I wanted to try this challenge since a while so here I go :)

1○ Who do you love more, your dad or your mom ?

Even if I feel like i'm closer to my dad, I just can't chose. I have a good relation with both of them and I just love my parents as they are.
So i'll use my joker on this question, I just can't provide an answer.

2○ If you could kill someone without getting caught, would you ?

No way. Even if I really, reeeeaaaaally hate someone, I would never be able to kill a person. That would haunt me for the rest of my life, end a life by my own hands and make people cry... Impossible.

3○ Are you a bad person ?

I don't think so. I mean, many people are telling me that i'm kind and patient and yes, I am. I just have a "rebel" spirit and I'm a very frank person, and that does not please everybody.

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4○ Are you entitled ?


5○ If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?

A little more of self-confidence would be great...

6○ Would you get married to someone of the same gender as you ?

Surely, if I'm sure it's my one true love.

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7○ Would you die for someone you love ?

Of course, I would ! Even for someone I don't know.

8○ Would you have sex with someone of the same gender ?

Once again, if it's my one true love, yes.

9○ What do you identify as ?


10○ White or black ?

I prefer black. More intimate, more secret. Plus, there are no stars without darkness right ?

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11○ Death by water or by fire ?

Both are really violent... But I suppose I'd rather be cold before dying so I would go with water.

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12○ What do you think of yourself ?

Never really think about that. I feel like i'm a little different from the others and not always appreciated. I think i'm too harsh on me and too distant with the others but I just can't help it...
Sometimes I wish to be a total different person, i'm envious when I see people my age doing amazing things, but I still thinking that, someday, I will accomplish something that really makes sense to me.

13○ Have you ever been addicted to something ?

I used to eat too many sugar when I was a kid, but i've stopped this addiction thanks to the help of my parents.

14○ Have you ever gotten drunk ?

No, I don't drink alcohol.

15○ Have you ever done drugs ?


16○ Have you ever dealt with an eating disorder ?


17○ Is it easier to forgive or to forget ?

I'll say forgive.

18○ Have you ever stolen a street sign ?

No... There's no point doing that except trouble the drivers...

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19○ Would you ever strip or pose for a nude magazine ?

No way, even if i'm paid or something.

20○ Are you sarcastic ?

Yes, a lot !

21○ Have you ever been in love ?

A real love for someone, no.
A "crush", yes.

22○ Do you regret it ?

Can't regret something that didn't happen yet right ?

23○ Do you want plastic surgery ?

Ugh, no.

24○ Have you ever had plastic surgery ?


25○ Do you want kids ?

Yes, I wish I had two kids.

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26○ What religion would you raise your children to practice ?

I'm atheist so I will not raise my children to any religion, but I will not stop them if they're interested to practise a religion they want to be into.

27○ Have you ever eaten even the smallest piece of paper ?

Probably when I was little or by accident when I had to lick a stamp for an envelope or something...

28○ Do you miss anyone right now ?

Some old friends.

29○ Introvert or extrovert ?

Introvert (INFJ-T).

30○ What do you do when you like someone ?

I'm listening to the person, trying to be a good company and share happy and good moments.

31○ Money or fame ?

Not interested by both but i've used my joker already...
I'll say money, to make my projects come true and share it with my family and NGOs.
I don't want to be famous.

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32○ Asking questions or answering questions ?

Answering questions.

33○ Would you rather marry someone who you don't love but they love you back or marry someone who you love but doesn't love you back ?

I'd rather be married to someone who doesn't love me. So this person would not suffer from a divorce and I would enjoy a single life instead of spend my days in a couple without alchemy.

34○ Is cheating bad ?

Of course it is.

35○ Are you in a relationship ?

Not for the moment.

36○ If you could cheat without getting caught, would you ?


37○ Trump or Hillary ?

I'm not American and this question came a litle late but... doesn't matter.
I would never vote for a guy who's racist, misogynist and stupid. The "big wall", removal from agreement against global warming, triggering a war in Israel, threat with nuclear missiles...
Trump is a monster. I still don't understand why he's president. So, in summary, i'll say Hillary.

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38○ Life or death ?

Well, life ! Death will come later, it's better to live every second of existence.

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That will be all, I hope you've appreciated this article !
See you soon (maybe) !

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