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I sat up quickly in my bed. I looked around the hospital room. It took me a while to realize where I was and what happened. I felt my stomach which was less swollen than I remembered. "Wes? Wes, what happened? Where's our baby? Is she ok?," I asked. He turned around and walked over. He kissed my head. "I'm so happy you're ok...you're awake...," he said, sounding like he was comforting himself. A nurse walked into the room. "Hi Raine. How are you feeling?" she asked. "I have a headache...I feel a bit sore...how's my baby?" I asked, looking up at her. Why wasn't anyone telling me how our baby was? The nurse looked at Wesley. It was too quiet. What was the secret? All I remember is bleeding....and being rushed to the hospital. "Oh no...," I sighed. I felt sick to my stomach. "I'm so sorry, Raine...your baby girl didn't make it," she said. I sobbed. I looked up at Wesley and he was crying too. "I'd like you to stay here for three more nights. Then you can head home if you feel 100% better," the nurse said, then walked out.

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Wesley and I cried on each other for what seemed like hours. We were so happy to have our baby girl. This was not what I was expecting. I feel broken.