It's funny how time makes things evolve things are changing, minds are opened and everything evolves.Although it seems that there are things that do not change people are still afraid to talk about sex as if it were something bad, they do not care when it comes to talking with friends one afternoon, but when it comes to sex education in the centers or to see A body seems to see it badly.I have uploaded many pictures to we heart it this application I love but there are some that have been removed by people's complaints the serious question would be when you decide to report a photo? I have never uploaded any photo in which you see the complete naked body of a man or a better one (although I have to say that I would not go bad because photography for me is an art)

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I think we should really stop seeing the human body and especially that of women as something bad or something that is not to be taught each one is free as long as it does not hurt and does not disrespect others and believe me in a photo you see part of a female body is not disrespectful.respect others as we like to respect and treat people as we would like to be treated.Let's stop having so much fear of bodies and start having it to those things that do harm to humanity.

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