… is the not knowing. I bet we all have that one guy or girl that we still think back at, and our faces show one big question mark. After some time, you eventually stop wondering on a daily basis, but then one of those small moments, when some little thing reminds you of that special person, it all comes flashing back like it happened yesterday.

The feeling of not knowing how something so great could end so suddenly out of nowhere. When things just stop, how do you handle that? How do you deal with things that you have absolutely no idea how or why it stopped.

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When something stops without an ending, you can’t use all the rational advise you give your friends, when someone ended things with them. Because the ending isn’t there, all there is nothing. out of nowhere someone stops talking to you without the ending explanation and dealing with that is what hurts the most. Mostly because dealing with things means rethinking them and rethinking them leads to all the unanswered questions. The questions we know that our brain, as much as we want it to, won’t find the right answers to.

So ask yourself why is it so hard to get over something without an ending? People search for understanding, understanding of space, nature, media, each other. There’s a reason why we go to school, to find an understanding of words, math and later on our major. We search for understanding everything.
When we don’t have an ending, we don’t have the full product, and finding an understanding of something that is half is impossible. And that is why we make up different reasons and ending to the stop that happened between two people. Because humans want to understand everything. Want hurts the most it not the non-exciting ending, it’s going over the stop, again and again, trying to find an ending to deal with and find understanding in.

So here’s to all the people struggling with finding that ending, it might never come, and someday, that might be totally fine.
xoxo G

This article was written by @yesiamgry on the We Heart It Writers Team.