Hello, beautiful souls of We Heart It! 🌌 How is your week going? Maybe you have fun things to share, or maybe a lot of bad things have happened and you need to let it all out. Sometimes voicing our feelings is hard.😑 But that doesn’t mean it’s better to keep them all inside.

If your friends are busy and you’re not sure who to talk to, write your feelings! These are the reasons why you should start blogging today🙌:

It’s Fun

It really is! A blog doesn’t have to be about deep emotions. Talk about your passions and hobbies! Just think about it! Writing on and on about that lipstick which looks gorgeous on you! 💞 Or publishing that fanfic masterpiece your friends clearly don’t really understand. 🙄 Other fans will surely appreciate it more! ✌️

It’s Therapeutical

One of the things I like most about blogging is that it can be completely anonymous. 🤫 No one knows who you are unless you tell them. This gives you the freedom to share ANYTHING. You get to be YOU and that’s an amazing feeling (especially if you’re an introvert like me, and the best part of your personality is revealed through words).

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It’s not only you to feel better after hitting “Publish”. It’s also your readers. By helping yourself, you help others who are going through what you’ve already experienced. Use your words properly and you get the power to motivate, inspire, help, support others.

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You Meet Like-Minded People

Like I mentioned previously, blogging is a great way to connect. Trust me when I say it, there’s a public for any topic you want to develop. What are you waiting for? People are already searching for your words! 💙

It’s Rewarding

Oh, yes! If I were to choose a favorite button, that would be “Publish”. It’s so rewarding working hard on an article and then share it with the world. Wait, there’s even a better feeling coming up - given by positive feedback. You have no idea how much this sentence means until you receive it: Hey, I loved your article.”

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I would never encourage anyone to start blogging for money. 🙂 I think the desire to express yourself through words should come from a deeper place. ❤️

Keep in mind: There are people who made big money out of blogging and there are others who still can’t make any income after years of blogging.

Yet, there ARE opportunities, depending on your skills, country and...luck? I’ve been blogging for about seven months and I already had the chance to be involved in a soulful campaign organized by Nivea Romania. I was also accepted to attend Webstock this month. I didn’t even have the courage to dream of going there because that’s the biggest blogging & social media event in my country. (You can imagine my reaction).

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My point is Do enjoy the opportunities and say YES only to campaigns that you believe in, but don’t start blogging for the money you may or you may not even get.

Ready to turn your feelings and purest intentions into words?

Start blogging today! 🙌😊


This article was written by @soulonline on the We Heart It Writers Team