Hi everyone!
So this is the third one of my "Where to find magic" articles! If you've read any of my other ones, thank you very much, and I hope you've enjoyed them! If you want to know what these are about, you can go ahead and have a look at them :)

Now let's start!

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Watching fireworks on New Year's Eve
Getting a massage or having a spa day
Writing poetry
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Laying in bed with new, freshly washed cotton sheets
Opening the windows after taking a shower
Listening to a new song and instantly knowing it's your new favorite song
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Meditating with crystals
Getting ready together with your friends for a night out
When you start noticing the leaves turning orange in autumn
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Cooking your own food
The first cup of hot chocolate in winter in the morning
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Thank you so much for reading and if you're celebrating halloween, I hope you have an amazing few weeks! x

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Alex x