there are some things we hate, envy, ignore and love..

here is my list:

1. hate.
i hate that i don't really have a good relationship with my dad. he is very strict and takes lots of things seriously. him being really strict is something i hate. not being able to do anything with friends after school, not being able to hang out with friends on the weekends or holidays. i hate all of it. but there are also worse..

2. envy.
i really envy the people who have nice bodies in my class, i envy the girls who are smart and pretty and last i envy the girls who get most attention. i am a small girl with small boobs but have a big butt with big thighs. i am not fat but i am just really insecure. i am a girl who is usually quiet and when i say something no one usually pays attention to me. i get enough attention but i guess i want more. sad to say but it is the truth..

3. ignore.
i ignore my parents when i am mad or just not in the mood to listen. i ignore them and feel like shit when i do it because i know that they are mostly always right. but i learn from my lessons. i also ignore that sometimes i might be suffering from depression. i know i am sad but i just keep my head high and let it not bother me. its one important thing not to do.

and lastly 4. love.
i love my parents even if my dad is strict, i love my body and my personality because those are the things that made me, me! i love that my parents are always looking out for me and making sure that i am alright. i love me.. i guess.