Hello again
So if anyone wondered

What is your eye colour ?

makeup, blue, and eyes image eyes, glitter, and beauty image
Something between ocean blue and gray i guess

What is your natural hair color?

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very dark brown lol

Do you wear glasses ?


What is your favourite colour ?

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I love back and white heh. basic as fuck

What is your zodiac sign?

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Do you have any siblings?

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I have an older sister

What is your favourite animal?

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I love dogs

What is your favorite food?

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What langues do you Speak?

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I speak english and slovak

Where do you want to travel to?

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I want to go to Korea and America mainly but i would go anywhere

Are you single or in a relationship?

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I'm taken lolll

What is your favorite TV show ?

riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image

Do you have a job?

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No. i'm still in school

What's your favorite season/

I don't have a favorite one

Favorite holiday?

christmas, lights, and tree image

Do you prefer cold or warm weather ?

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I like both

Do you want any tatoos?

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of course

Are you right or left handed?

I'm right handed

Do you wear parfume?

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Not all the time but i wear it often

What is your favorite social media app?

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That's all for this tag