(source: https://www.demotivateur.fr/article/horoscope-signe-astrologique-creature-mythologie-zodiaque-6060)


ancient, building, and egypt image anubis, edit, and fantasy image
Anubis, god of death. Anubis hates treason.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Jinxthedreamer
Meduse (the gorgone). She's a trusty person who don't like to be alone.


art, black and white, and boy image Temporarily removed
The Golem loves the truth, friendship and love. He hates hypocrisy and injustice.


Mature image Image by hera.
Centaur. You're full of positive energy and love the people around you.


france, eurotrip, and parís image chimera, goat, and lion image
Chimera. Your personality can change at any moment but you're also empathic.


Temporarily removed aesthetic, girl, and teen wolf image
Banshee. You can seem to be quiet but sometimes, you can get into explosive anger.


statue, flute, and garden image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Pan, obsessed by art and sex.


Mature image character, edit, and fandom image
Valkyrie. You're first quality is your bravery.


gargoyles image Temporarily removed
Gargoyle.The most protective and loyal of the Zodiac sign. If you manage to be friend with a gargoyle, it will last forever.


cerberus, dark, and gods image 17th century, greek, and pluto image
Cerberus. You're loyal too but also savage. You can love people but you're a loner.


angel, wings, and fire image art and sculpture image
Pegasus. You're supportive and people are lucky to have you into their lives.


dragon, fantasy, and aesthetic image dragon, sky, and fantasy image
Dragon. Powerful, impressive and beautiful you are truly terrifying. You like to take your time and spend time with the people you like.

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