the Betty

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nice, pays attention, a straight A student, cute little blonde, simmilar style as Betty and pure.

the Artist

black, boy, and leather image art, drawing, and talent image boy, art, and aesthetic image smile, boy, and dimples image
talented arist, Always drawing, leatherjacket, cute smile, tall, skinny, funny and stylish.

the annoying back staber

girl, hair, and curly hair image aesthetic, annoying, and grunge image accessories and glasses image adorable, aesthetic, and amazing image
lying, Acts like a nerd but knows literally nothing, backstabing, annoying

the nice badass

Image removed aesthetic, hair, and style image 90s, aesthetic, and mood image food, sweet, and donuts image
hates people, surprising nice, sarcastic, clever, food love, pprotective, funny

the hipster

Image removed Temporarily removed couple, grunge, and indie image Image removed
cute, bit nerdy, fashionista, partyboy, quite

the Partygirl

girl, night, and friends image girl, cigarette, and grunge image aesthetic and black image aesthetic, empowerment, and equality image
funny, nice, attidute, loyal, strong, Independent, always partying

the emogirl

outfit and fashion image 3d, aesthetic, and black image aesthetic, bi, and bisexual image aesthetic, dark, and emo image
funny, nice, weirdo, smart, confident

the dwarf

eye, eyebrows, and green image Temporarily removed aesthetic image chocolate, food, and yummy image
tiny, super smart, in love with sugary sweets, funny, nice, A+ Student

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