really excited for this tag to be my first article. enjoy!

name Diana

meaning heavenly, divine

age around late 20s

birthday April 7


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Diana is tall and slender, has blonde hair, has complete heterochromia, and a prominent beauty mark near her upper lip.


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Her style is very laidback. You can often see Diana in graphic tees and denim with her trusty Converse shoes but she never dissapoints when it's time for dressing up.

interests / hobbies

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She's very creative and also an adrenaline junkie.


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Diana's typicaly the joker in her group and she's outspoken about causes that she's very passionate about like wildlife conservation.


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She enjoys fast food, being by the beach, her dog, Lily, and a long soak in the tub with a good read.


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Diana lives in an East Village apartment.

favorite color

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Her favorite color is blue.


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