I just saw this picture the other day and feel that I needed write this.
Hope you like it. If you see something wrong please tell me, I'm trying to improve my english.

Let’s just imagine a life without love, this word does not have the right of been recognized with the worth that it deserves? Tell that is not the commotion that changes us isn’t… crime? Sin?

Until now, we don’t have even one definition that could help us to understand it, or somebody that can tell us in a little how much it is. It’s not enough with say that is the most intense thing that we are allowed to experiment.

Love to a person, an animal, a song, a place, a moment, a word. To a rose or a dandelion.

Love for life.

Love for love.

Love is all in our essence and too much to be any emotion. It can’t be use without “The” before. No, this would be “The” crime, “The” sin. If we say “The” feeling, ¿didn’t we think about it, without say his name?

And when it exceeds us, isn’t there where art born? Isn’t that expression a need? Isn’t art, really, feel? Put the heart somewhere out of the body with all that we are before is too much for us.

Let's agree that art is not a painting in a museum, or a sculpture in an exposition. Is the soul of who dreams and needs to get out all the thing in a beautiful mind, filled of so many unique colors. The relief of let out that unmatched passion that is screaming inside.

The pain, happiness, fear, everything can turn into a masterpiece to some eyes. Then, if art rise from feeling, to love shouldn’t be the most artistic thing that we have?

"The" art, I mean.