Hi Guys!
I'm Lydia , well actually Lidia.
This is my first article EVER so what better way to
start then explaining the meaning of my name?

Bear with me if I mis-spell some words cause
English isn't my mother-tongue , Italian is!

You know those keychains or mugs with your
names written on them that you could find at the
mall and tourist attractions?

Well I didn't get any of that stuff growing up
'cause mine isn't a very common one here.

quotes image duck, disney, and cartoon image
struggles of having a unique name

LIDIA is the Italian , Greek , Polish , Romanian and Spanish transcription of Lydia which means “Beautiful one” and “noble one”.

It has antique origins and it is pronounced: Lee-dee-uh
(No strangers I’m not Linda 😂)

Lydia also means “Woman from Lydia” a region of the now called Turkey.

For a little bit of History background :


My name day : August the 3rd

My personal color: Red

Image by L Y D I A Image by L Y D I A Image by L Y D I A Image by L Y D I A

My stone: Leopardite

Image by L Y D I A


Day 1. "Explain the meaning of your name."
Day 2. "Make a list of five things that make you happy."
Day 3. "Write about two memories."
Day 4. "Make a list of five places you want to visit."
Day 5. "Write five facts about yourself."
Day 6. "If you could run away, where would you go?"
Day 7. "Write about three things you like about you."
Day 8. "Make a list of your five favourite movies."
Day 9. "Make a list of your five favourite drinks/food."
Day 10. "Write about something you are excited about."
Day 11, "Write a letter to your 8 years old self."
Day 12. "Make a list of your three favourite tv series"
Day 13. "Make a list of your three favourite books."
Day 14. "Describe your style."
Day 15. "What would you do if you win the lottery?"
Day 16. "Make a list of five things to be grateful."
Day 17. "Make a list of your five favourite apps."
Day 18. "Write a review."
Day 19. "Write about happiness."
Day 20. "Write a summer bucket list."
Day 21. "Write about your passion(s)."
Day 22. "Write about a dream you had."
Day 23. "Write a page of a diary."
Day 24. "Make a list of things you always postpone."
Day 25. "Write about a place in which you felt happy."
Day 26. "Make a list of your favourite works of art."
Day 27. "Write about a first time."
Day 28. "Describe three things you're doing right now."
Day 29. "Write about three projects for the next month."
Day 30. "Make a list of all the good things happened during this 30 days."

Thank you for tuning in!

XoXo, Lydia.