I never know how to start. Is this a letter for you? Probably not, you are never going to read this. It's like a page from my diary dedicated to you. Yes, you. When it comes to you I can't even put words together, my mind gets all messy and there's no way I can decode my thoughts.
Loving you is so hard, now more than ever. We're not together anymore, we fell apart. And it's sad. It is sad because I thought you were the love of my life and that I was yours. Love. What does this even mean? I don't even know anymore. I did not think "love" was supposed to hurt this much. You just took everything away from me, left me alone with myself, powerless. How am I supposed to make it through?
Things have never been easy between the two of us. And I kind of liked it. You have always said that you were not able to read my mind. Looking through my eyes, it was so difficult for you to understand what I was really thinking of. You liked it, didn't you? Trying to know and understand me little by little. So I let you in.
Everything seemed so right. I can still see you in the morning light, as your dark eyes meet the sun through the window pane. I can see your stiff and naked shoulders and the freckles on your body. I feel your warmth. And your voice. Your laugh. Your lips against my skin.

But you are not here anymore. And I'm all left alone, dealing with my mind. I can't help stop thinking about you. Where are you now? Who's watching you in the morning light? Whose eyes are you contemplating now? 'Cause mine are empty. You have hurt me and I have hurt you and these wounds still hurt.
You got mad at me when I told you we were not meant to be. Do you still believe that's a lie? Just come back and tell me, are we meant to be? We were not brave enough to say "I love you" and we ended up here. But I love you now.