Earlier this year I wrote an article about false friends in English and German and well, I thought I'd write a second part to it because there are a lot of words that people mix up because they look so similar

der Strand ≠ strand
▪ strand = die Strähne
der Strand = beach

das Lokal ≠ local
▪ local = Einheimische/r
das Lokal = pub, restaurant

die Chance ≠ chance
▪ chance = der Zufall
die Chance = opportunity

eventuell ≠ eventually
▪ eventually = schließlich, irgendwann
eventuell = possible, maybe

die Fahrt ≠ fart
▪ fart = der Furz
die Fahrt = trip, journey, ride (e.g. on a roller coaster)

die Hochschule ≠ high school
▪ high school = das Gymnasium, die Realschule, die Mittelschule, die Gesamtschule or die Förderschule/Sonderschule depending on which type of German secondary school you need in the specific context
die Hochschule = university, college

dezent ≠ decent
▪ decent = anständig
dezent = discreet, restrained

die Note ≠ note
▪ note = die Notiz
die Note = grade

famos ≠ famous
▪ famous = berühmt
famos = splendid

fatal ≠ fatal
▪ fatal = tödlich
fatal = disastrous

die Limone ≠ lemon
▪ lemon = die Zitrone
die Limone = lime

massiv ≠ massive
▪ massive = riesig
massiv = solid

And some words that Germans use in a different context even though the words are actually English words:
der Oldtimer = a vintage car
das Public Viewing = watching a football/soccer game on a big screen with a huge crowd of other fans
das Handy = mobile phone / smartphone
der Beamer = a projector
das Shooting = a photo shoot, the English "shooting" is "die Schießerei" in German
der Smoking = tuxedo, suit

German words or words of German origin that are used in English as well:
▪ kindergarten = der Kindergarten
▪ poltergeist = der Poltergeist
▪ angst = die Angst
▪ doppelganger = der Doppelgänger / die Doppelgängerin
▪ pretzel = die Bretzel
▪ kitsch = der Kitsch
▪ to plunder = plündern
▪ bratwurst = die Bratwurst
▪ sauerkraut = das Sauerkraut
▪ schnitzel = das Schnitzel
▪ stein = der Maßkrug or just die Maß (mostly the one at Oktoberfest referring to a one liter mug of beer), der Stein in German, however, means "stone"

And one fun fact: If you translate Johnny Depp's last name to German, his name would be Johnny Idiot 🙊

I hope you enjoyed the article and feel free to let me know, if German words are used in your language as well and if they have a different meaning then.

I wish you all a nice day and happy learning for those who are studying German 💕

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