The fall season is such a beautiful time and there are so many things about it that I love. The fall season has such a unique character to it. Fall makes me think of a wonderful dream filled with things likes warm tea and good books and jumping through leaves. To help me try to accept the fact that summer is sadly over I will make a list of all the reasons to be thankful it is now the beautiful autumn season.

what i love about fall...

1.) Rainy days inside

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My absolute favorite thing about fall is when a rainy day gives me the excuse to stay in all day and cozy on up by the fire to sit down and read a good book. No distractions, other work, or noises. Just me by myself enjoying the beautiful sound of the raindrops bouncing off the rooftop.

2.) Candles

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Of course, I had to put this one in. Every night I light a candle by my bedside. There's something so cleansing about it that makes me calm and happy. But anyone who knows me knows that I don't use any of these artificial candles. It needs to be a natural candle otherwise the smell is usually too strong.

3.) Thanksgiving!

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My favorite holiday next to the Christmas season is a sure reason to be thankful! Thanksgiving is just so great, you get lots of food, you get to spend it with people you love, and it reminds you to appreciate all that you've been blessed with. Plus it's just another excuse to watch the hilarious Friends episodes of their Friendsgiving!

4.) The pumpkin patch!

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Who doesn't love the pumpkin patch? The animals, corn mazes, the bringing home of giant colorful orange vegetables, who could ask for a better day. Not to mention the carving of pumpkins!

5.) Netflix/movies

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Getting into a good television show or movie you really like that can cause you to have a good cry or be as happy as a bean the next minute can be so fun. I love following a storyline a trying to predict what may happen. (Usually, my ending is better)

6.) Baked treats

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I don't bake that much, I usually am the one doing most of the eating, but when I do it makes me so happy. Pumpkin pies, apple strudels, pumpkin cinnamon cookies, whatever your heart desires, you can just make it. Sure it takes some time, but it can be so fun.

7.) Fall attire

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Warm sweaters, unique jackets, thick socks, boots, boots, and more boots. Pretty much my whole wardrobe. Some may say the common colours of browns, beiges, and greys in the fall may be boring, but honestly, I love it. You don't need colouring to be interesting or different. Add some layers, jewelry, and boots to your outfit and it looks even better than colours.

8.) Coffee shops

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Coffee shops/cafes just make me so happy. They are almost like a place of solitude to me. It's a place you can go, just sit down, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and do what you will. Personally, I could just sit in a coffee shop all day, set out my laptop and just write and drink coffee all day. No better satisfaction. Pure bliss to me.

9.) Writing days

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This may correspond with coffee shops, but if it is not obvious; I love to write. I write all the time. I write whatever, whenever, wherever. It's just what I do. I don't think I could survive if I could not write. And because I say I write all the time, you may be wondering why this is on my list. Well, the reason it is is because, if writing were a season it would be autumn. Somehow the weather and beauty of it all, fall just brings out the best writing days for me.

10.) The streets

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The city streets during the fall season just come to life in a different way compared to any other season. The streets of vibrant cloured trees thank the autumn air for its beauty it has brought upon the city. It's like the streets have come to life and you witness the heart and warmth of the cold and busy streets.

11.) Halloween night!

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Dressing up on Haloween night to be someone else for just one night and run the streets collecting candy and just having a good time is fun no matter how old you are. I love coming up with new costumes every year and seeing how I can improve from the previous year.

12.) Fireplace

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A warm fire, hot drink in your hand, book and an open mind to escape. What a wonderful night, enough said.

Alrighty, got to be up early and it's almost two in the morning. I have a bad habit of not sleeping. Good night. Hope this reminded you of the wonderful things you may love about fall.