giving people too much importance and putting them first

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there's a difference between being helpful, kind and degrading yourself. and it took me while to realize this fact. i always helped others, listened to them, and gave them too much time and importance. so they took advantage and called me up only when they needed something. whenever i was down, i had nobody with me to calm me down, to cheer me up.
that's when i realized that i HAVE to become a bit selfish. it will take time, i know, but i will eventually realize my worth and put myself first.

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this doesn't mean i won't help others or be there for them, i will be, but not for someone who takes me for granted, who remembers me only when they need something.
many people out there need to get this thing into their heads that THEY TOO ARE IMPORTANT.
we, mostly, invest our time in people who don't really care about us. so choose your company wisely and be with people who appreciate your presence. ✨

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