hello! this is my 2nd article :D
my first article was :

since i back to weheartit, i kinda like to read all article here and all article were amazing<3 and inspired me to make another article. so hope you enjoy it ^^
sorry if my english not good hehe

Name :

Emmeline Frances

Age :

22 (but i look younger than my age)

My appearance :

girl, flowers, and hair image lips and makeup image eyes, eye, and eyebrows image Temporarily removed
i have light brown hair with grey eyes and pink lips. i'm slim and tall.

My Personality :

quotes, savage, and gold image quotes, destroy, and good girl image kind, beautiful, and quotes image aesthetic, quotes, and feminism image
i always kind with anyone and always help anyone, but sometimes i behave rather hard to people who made mistakes or do a bad things. i solved every problem as much as possible with deliberation . but if they exceeded the limit, i would give them lessons :)

Dress Style :

dress and pink image style, beautiful, and beauty image beautiful, beauty, and fashion image bridal, bride, and girl image dress, fashion, and pink image dress and wedding image
pastel colored dress mostly. the wide dress for a party.

Outdoor Style :

fashion, outfit, and dress image fashion, outfit, and red image fashion, outfit, and style image black boots, fashion, and knitwear image fashion, outfit, and dress image beautiful, outfit, and cute image
i love to wear mini skirt with sweater/long sleeved clothes or mini dress with jacket.

Shoes Style :

fairytale, gold, and high heels image shoes, dior, and fashion image heels, shoes, and style fashion image fashion, shoes, and gucci image Temporarily removed shoes, heels, and fashion image
highheels for lyfe!

Crown :

crown, white, and dress image tiara, crown, and princess image crown image Temporarily removed crown, pink, and princess image Image by Judiith
the simple tiara for everyday wear on castle and the big tiara for special event. i got new crown every year on my birthday.

Hair Style :

Temporarily removed hair, hairstyle, and flowers image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image Temporarily removed hair, hairstyle, and braid image hair, hairstyle, and style image
1st line for everyday style on castle, 2nd line for outdoor style, and 3rd line for party/special event style

Accessories :

accessories, choker, and crown image rings, accessories, and jewelry image necklace, world, and accessories image heart, pink, and necklace image
i dont wear too much accessories, but i like to wear neackle and some rings.

eyes make up :

makeup, aesthetic, and pink image eye and eyes image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i rarely wear make up, but sometimes if i get bored, i made a sparkling sparkling eyes make up and sometimes i use it for party too

Castle :

architecture, building, and castle image castle, winter, and snow image aesthetic, gold, and pink image aesthetic, architecture, and art image Temporarily removed flowers image book, library, and gold image architecture, aesthetic, and palace image luxury, gold, and mirror image architecture, aesthetic, and art image
the castle i live on.

Hoby :

Temporarily removed gardening and pretty image Temporarily removed sunset, beach, and summer image reign, adelaide kane, and Queen image run away image
painting, gardening, riding horse, chilling on the beach, archery, and escaping from castle!

My Pets :

cute, animal, and bunny image animal, tiger, and white image unicorn, black, and horse image harry potter and phoenix image
white bunny named kugy, tiger named fluffy, pegasus named swan, and phoenix named jane.

Gift/Power :

aesthetic, harry potter, and wings image nature, green, and forest image Temporarily removed fire, girl, and magic image
control things (make it fly/ crash it with anything), make plants that have died, comeback to life and make plants grow quickly (somtimes make plants as a weapon on fight), control animals (make the animals do anything i want), and make and control fire power.

Fav Quote :

Temporarily removed

thats it ! thank you for reading and i hope u enjoy it!
maybe i will add some things in the future, because i think something missing, like "the prince" , "the antagonist" etc. THANK YOU<3