These are the apps I use to add flair to my articles.


ғonтѕ - lyrιcѕ ғor wнaтѕapp

This app allows you to change font.

Many Amino users use keyboard

apps like FancyKey Keyboard but

I find having a keyboard highly annoying.

My favorite "Fonts - Lyrics for WhatsApp" font is "Mael".


PicsArt has come so far

since I began editing.

They now have brushes,

stickers, and awesome filters.

There's a lot you can do on PicsArt.

Let me know if you'd like a tutorial!

Image by Leenie



Superimpose is where I do the

bulk of my edits. It's good for

making premades, complex edits,

and more advanced editing materials.

Much of what you can do on

Superimpose you can do on PicsArt

however. So if you're willing to spend

the extra time to figure that out, I wouldn't

buy Superimpose.

Image by Leenie

gιғ ѕтυdιo

I use this app to make my GIFs.

I really like it because it makes

it easy to add transparent GIFs

and overlays.

gif image


Glitchr is my favorite app

for making glitch edits.

gif image


You can make collages on

PicsArt but sometimes when I

'm short on time, I use Layout

to make collages. It's a lot quicker

than loading up PicsArt.

Image by Leenie


Phonto has the best fonts of any

app, hands down. I also use Phonto to

make emoji wallpapers. This app can be

tricky to use at first. Most fonts used by

Amino members are downloaded from a

website called DaFont.

Image by Leenie


I just began using VSCO but

it comes highly recommended

by many Amino members.

It has high quality filters

to make your pics appear

more aesthetically pleasing.

Image by Leenie


Legend is good for making

typography GIFs.

gif image


April is great for making

aesthetic photos.

Image by Leenie