I miss you.

It’s October 17, 2018 and it’s been already 4 years since you leave. I was just remembering you, your smile, your hugs, your kind and wise words, the way you used to talk, your jokes, and all your compliments and the true love you had for your family and friends.

I can’t believe a person like you lived in this world, I can’t believe I was able to see your beautiful and honest smile, I can’t believe that when I was talking to you I was talking to an angel. You loved me so purely and sincerely. You always wanted to see me happy and wished the best for me. I can’t believe I had an angel that loved me in front of me and I didn’t realized it. I loved you but not enough. I feel like I should've told you how much you meant to me and how much I loved you every time I saw you. I really hope you knew it. I loved spending time with you, I loved the way you used to comfort me and tell me I was your little princess. You illuminated a place with your presence and charisma, you were the sun and the happiness of anyone who knew you, that's how incredible you were.

I was blessed because I had you in my life, I wish I could turn back time to be able to hug you one more time, tell you that I love you with all my heart and spend one last time with you. The last day I saw you I told you goodbye but I didn’t know it was for forever, I didn’t know I would never see you again in this life and omg I really need you. But obviously I can’t return time so now all I can do is hope you are in a better place because you deserve it and remember you happily just like the way you were.

I feel like I need to tell you many more things but I am not good at expressing myself.

Every day I love you and I will always do.

My dear grandpa ... I miss you.


𝓽𝓸 𝓶𝔂 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵 (1943-2014)