— aye, here's another kpop tag to get to know me more. i've been on whi for 5 years and it's time for yall to know who i like haha

NOTE: wanna one IS DEFINITELY my number one ult group and have been officially my ult of ults since january 2nd, 2018. i've also officially biased guanlin on april 24, 2017.

1. how did you get into wanna one ?

kim taemin, kim jaehwan, and park jihoon image kim taemin, kim jaehwan, and park jihoon image
easy. it's bc of pd101! i watched produce 101 from start to end, and that's how you know i was into them. i watched them form into a group and starting crying.

2. first song you heard?

produce 101 image wanna one, produce 101, and lai guanlin image
well if it counts, then i would say nayana of course, but if not, then obviously energetic!

3. fave songs?

my favourite songs atm are probably:
- day by day
- sandglass
- wanna
- boomerang

4. least fave songs?

well at first, i didn't really like light or boomerang, and day by day and we are, but now, i'm fine with it!!

5. first bias?

daniel, jisung, and jinyoung image jinyoung, wanna one, and bae jin young image
technically it's both baejin and guanlin, but my liking for baejin was much bigger than my liking for guanlin back during produce 101 days. oops, but im loyal to guanlin now haha

6. your bias wreckers?

jihoon, wanna one, and park jihoon image Image removed daniel kang, 170812, and mmo entertainment image wanna one and woojin image
also kind of jaehwan.

7. fave ships?

wanna one, ongniel, and ong seongwoo image wanna one, woojin, and park woojin image
the main onesss + i wanna say panwink but nah

8. why you love wanna one?

Image removed kim taemin, kim jaehwan, and park jihoon image debut, jihoon, and jinyoung image daniel, ong, and jihoon image daniel, jinyoung, and minhyun image 1995, 1999, and 2001 image
i love them because they still manage to work so hard even if they are getting too much work from their company. they still do it to make us happy and that's what i love. they're generous and kind and will honestly do anything to make us proud of them. they've gone through so much together from going on a survival show and surviving a series of rounds during the show to making it to the final to debuting and being an active group for a while. i'm glad they are getting a little rest right now to prepare for their l*st comeback... :(

— hope you liked this! sorry i ended this in a emotional way...
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