I just figured I'd share my playlist for autumn/winter since it's finally getting colder where I live :)

anyway these songs are mostly pretty mellow and/or sad & based around sweater weather by the nbhd

autumn, fall, and sweater image autumn, fall, and sweater image

my autumn playlist:

sweater weather - the neighbourhood

robbers - the 1975

ghost of you - 5 seconds of summer

I wanna be yours - arctic monkeys

morphine - the ninjas

drunk on halloween - wallows
(while this song doesn't necessarily fit with the rest, I just love it so much)

505 - arctic monkeys

cherry - lana del rey

apocalypse - cigarettes after sex

baby came home 2 / valentines - the neighbourhood

autumn, fall, and cozy image

there are too many songs to do the full playlist but you can check the rest of it out here if you'd like (https://open.spotify.com/user/tl33fmw62gxm7355qrv7p9fr9/playlist/5aTcK9YpnJfHPVKR5rqERI?si=gHNixMCsQn2hK6LCGe30YQ)