I lay in bed thinking...
What’s tomorrow’s weather?
What should I wear?
If I wear that will they like it?
Will I like it?
My mind runs in these circles of endless minuscule questions that end in deeper ones and then, I think back about how I got there.
I have to wake up at 5am.
It’s 12:46 if I fall asleep by 1 I’ll get 4 hours of sleep.
No but really what should I wear tomorrow?
I’m laying in the dark and all I want to do is fall asleep.
If I fall asleep thinking about him will I have a dream about him?
When am I seeing him next?
What should I wear that weekend?
I need new clothes!
Ugh I have work tomorrow.
I think it might be chilly outside tomorrow.
I could wear a sweater.
I love sweaters.
I love wearing his sweaters.
I love this season.
Ok I’ll wear a sweater tomorrow.
I really need to sleep.
What time is it now?
Sh*t 2:07!
Only 3 hours left of sleep.
I’m going to be so tired at work.
Just sleep...please.