Love ?
It's strange and mysterious. Like other things, it's overly complicated. There is love for a person or just a thing. Love can bring joy and happiness, but also pain and sadness. It can bring the best and worst in others. Love can be this automatic feeling or it can time to nurture. Love can blind people to do stupid things. Love hurts. It comes from pain. When two individuals love one another it's obvious in the way they look at each other. You can see their hearts being poured out. The love-stricken gleam in their eyes. Love isn't something that just goes away. It's not that simple. If it were, then love wouldn't be as complicated. It clings to you like a wet shirt clings to your body. People never really do stop loving someone. They just find someone who they happen to love more.

-- also you should totally listen to
the song of the same name from
Call Me By Your Name --