greir, meaning watchful, observant


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dyes her hair quite frequently, but is usually in shades of blue. she wears a lot of makeup, often very dark and heavy. she is quite tall at 5'9 and often wears platform boots and sneakers which makes her even taller. she is naturally thin and ghostly pale. sometimes she wears strange contacts like purple or red, but has naturally green eyes.


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she dresses very darkly, almost gothic. more often than not, she will be in all black. her favorites include band t-shirts under black overalls and doc martens, long mesh skirts under ripped body suits, and oversized sweaters with leggings and a hat


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grier is much more of a listener than a talker. she prefers to avoid personal relationships as much as possible so she doesn't get attached to anyone. many people are afraid of her from her outward, intimidating appearance, but if you are special enough to be let into her hard exterior, you will see the gooey inside that desires love and care just like any other. she cares a lot about people but will never show it.


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_history (especially midevil times), old music, makeup, corny sitcom tv shows,


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parties, fast food and meat, alcohol, algebra, ignorance


the most important person in her life is her mom who had her when she was just sixteen. her father left once he found out about the pregnancy to avoid ruining his life, and her mom's traditional christian family shunned her for fornication. once she graduated high school, she left to live with her sister who helped support her as she worked two jobs in the city while becoming a nurse. now, they live in a small apartment duplex in a suburban area and spend their time together watching sitcoms and eating chinese takeout.