Don’t take me wrong, ya? It’s not like you’re boring or anything. It’s just me, always failed to find a good way to respond it other than laughing, giggling, and saying that i think it’s awesome. You know, babe? I’m afraid that i might sound like i lost interest in talking with you, but, no. You’re a fun person. Like, really fun. I know you’ve tried your best to always look for interesting topics and believe me, they’re all interesting. From reading me insightful quora posts, newest news that i totally missed out, unfunny jokes you found on twitter, your kosan-mates’s love tragedy, about your female friend whose a super long name that you can even hardly remember, to those times when you keep asking me if i still love you which is pointless because, ??, menurutmu saja bagaimana.

Pokoknya yaa saya minta maaf. Maaf for being such a statue while you’re doing so much effort to make me open my mouth. Maaf for being umm, probably a boring partner. But! I’ll try harder next time! Don’t give up on me ya!!

(aaand sorry too for writing this instead of sleeping, padahal we ended the call gara-gara saya bilang kalau saya ngantuk :p eh eh tapi bener kok! i’m writing this juga dengan sepenuh kantuk. haha :pp)