This is a list of Tv shows that I like and also like to watch on a rainy day.

1. The Office

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Favorite episodes: Stress Relief, Threat Level Midnight, and Gossip.

2. Friends

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Favorite Episodes: The One That Could Have Been, The One With The Cop.

3. Gossip Girl

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Favorite Episodes: New York, I Love You XOXO, The Townie, All About My Brother, and Victor (Victrola).

4. Gilmore Girls

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Favorite Episodes: The Deer Hunters, Lorelei's Graduation Day, and The Big One.

5. Stranger Things

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Favorite Episodes: The Lost Sister, Dig Dug, and The Monster.

6. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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Favorite Episodes: Graduation Day pt. 2, Doppelgangland, Innocence, and Chosen.

Thanks for reading. bye! :)