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Time is an important part of life. That's why you have to plan ahead. Know your workload and set times for those different jobs. Scheduling helps you out so much in the end. If you don't want to write in a planner, set alarms on your phone.


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Don't let your work area get crowded. It's a distraction to you and limits you from doing your best work. Separate things by subject and amount. If you have a lot to do for one subject move it over to the side and focus on the less amount of work.


Apps are your best friend! If you can use them to the best of your ability. Above is an article containing apps for students. Please take a look at it.


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Phones, computers, all the gadgets need to go away. There is nothing productive about you staring at your phone for 2 hours. Put your phone on airplane mode and only use your computer for research. Trust me, it helps.

Don't Stress

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Last but not least, relax! Yes, grades are important but they're not everything. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Watch an episode of your favorite show or listen to that new album. Whatever you do, have fun.


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