i say i'm intangible,
yet when i feel you near.
my heart begins to race,
and my brain's filled with fear.

i say i'm okay,
but when you come around,
my stomach's doing backflips,
riding a merry-go-round.

i say "you don't know him,"
yet know him you do.
if you look inside a mirror,
you'll see what scares me more than "boo".

i think, "he doesn't love me"
yet when you see me cry,
you do whatever you can
to dry my copper eyes.

you think "she doesn't love me,"
yet when i see your name,
i get palpitations,
as if you're someone filled with fame.

we don't say a word,
for we're filled with fear.
that we wouldn't hold each other close.
and no longer be near.

i say i'm intangible,
yet tangled, i have been.
your eyes are made of stardust,
and the love we hide within.