as much as my life is not moving at all i don't feel it's calm i feel it's so load
i wish peaceful life to everyone ...

i'm really wishing for simple life and more of :

more connection to the nature :

girl, flowers, and beauty image nature, aesthetic, and ethereal image nature, aesthetic, and ethereal image nature image

more magical homemade food:

food image Image by Faith Image by Faith food image

more night walking (especially waiting for the sunrise):

aesthetic, ethereal, and girl image girl image beach, grunge, and legs image couple, love, and Relationship image

more comfy and own style clothes:

fashion and style image red velvet, yeri, and kpop image fashion, aesthetic, and boy image fashion, outfit, and girl image

more crazy best friends (always go for positive people):

cute and style image Image by Faith jinyoung, jaebum, and jjp image best friend, vibes, and bestie image

more own decoration :

light, room, and interior image Image removed Image removed bedroom, room, and home image

more messy journal:

bird, aesthetic, and plants image journel image Temporarily removed journal and bullet journal image

more self-care :

Temporarily removed besties, goals, and I Love You image cozy, indie, and soul image girl, hair, and blonde image

more inner peace calling moments (take care of mental health and do what you love):

bath, book, and candles image autumn, book, and cozy image Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and cozy image

more trips, travelling, picnics and adventures:

Image removed food, aesthetic, and picnic image lake, mountains, and travel image girl, travel, and autumn image

more productivity, more learning new things and more art:

study, coffee, and college image art, paint, and painting image Image by Mary Nacca 🐼 book, cat, and study image

more good times (sharing stories while eating is my fav):

food image

more visiting local markets:

aesthetic, ethereal, and nature image aesthetic, ethereal, and nature image food and hungry image food and hungry image

believe me there are so many things to do more please dont give up and live your life ^^

I made tumblr page for blogging, it's new i will start posting when i have 8 followers at least ^^ you can send me your stories there so i can help or requests.. i don't mind it at all : @love4you2me

all love,