~ Hey, this is just for me to plan my week and to motivate me

Tasks I need to complete before school opens:

1. Extended Essay
2. 5 French essays
3. Theatre: Solo performance
4. English written task 1
5. Math IA
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Priority and schedule:

1. Extended Essay

↬ Print it out + The feedback... Thursday 11am
↬ Print criteria... Thursday 11am
↬ Go through the paragraphs step-by-step... Thursday 11 something am
↬ Edit each paragraph like it's its own essay... Thursday 11 something am
↬ Make model... Thursday 11 something am

Due: Friday 26th October


2. French essays (5)

↬ Send old essay: The speech... Thursday 10am
↬ Write second one: Blog Thursday 10am
↬ Write third one: letter... Friday morning
↬ Write fourth one: e-mail... Saturday morning
↬ Write fifth one: letter ( informal )... Sunday morning


3. Theatre: Solo performance

↬ Edit criterion A and B
↬ Sketch stage management and costumes
↬ Run through my lines until perfected
↬ Write the whole process in my journal
⟶ Working from: Thursday 8pm to sat 8pm ⟵

Most likely due on: Monday 22nd October


4. English written task 1

↬ Do one paragraph and send to teacher... Thursday 3pm
↬ Finish outline... Friday 10am
↬ Start writing... Friday 11am
↬ Print, read through and make corrections... Friday 3ish am

Due: Monday 22nd October


5. Math IA

↬ Make arrangements for data collection the coming week
↬ Make new data table to fill in
⟶ Working on: Sunday evening⟵

No due date this week


Encouragement coz i know I'll stumble

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