I want to go back where everything was not that adulty, or whatever. I want to go where pain does not define me and sad memories don't come to my mind. I want to go where you are. I want to meet you standing at a balcony in France, drinking hot coffe at 4 p.m. I want to tell you that I am not mad and at the same time am pretty mad at you. Because you left me in the moment when I was almost happy. I had found everything I wanted. You left me when I was starting living that "life" thing. I miss you terribly. So terribly, that every time I feel good, I am thinking of you. How much I would love to tell you I am a step closer to hapiness, but you are not there and that's why I am always going to be a step closer to happiness, but not happy. Because happiness for me is spending time with everyone that I love. And I love you, but you will never be here with me. So..