Unpopular kpop opinions


Surprise, surprise, I don't have unpopular kpop opinions.
But here are some that I agree with:

  • BTS is not overrated, just overhyped (whenever they are in America).
  • You do not have to own merch/albums to be a real fan.
  • I don't like the hype that came with DNA and Fake Love.
  • Why is being "the visual" of a group a thing, they're all handsome/pretty.
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  • Mamamoo is very vocally gifted yet I never see a hype around them.
  • F*ck Cube Entertainment.
  • Hoseok is the most underrated member of BTS, he can dance, sing and rap and always tries his best to make everyone smile. He is even being seen as the charger of BTS.
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  • Namjoon really shouldn't be slept on.
  • Not all Gfriend songs sound the same, they just have the same vibe.
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