Hello ! I hope y'all are doing great ! So today I saw this article, and I wanted to do it with french words, so here I am :)

» Ami(e)

Image removed friendship, best friend, and bff image girl, new york, and photo image girl, fashion, and 90s image

» Ballet

ballet, vestidores, and tras image ballet, beauty, and dancing image ballerina, ballerinas, and ballet image Temporarily removed

» Citron

lemon, fruit, and food image girl, nature, and aesthetic image lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image citron, eat, and fruit image

» Damier

fashion, girl, and outfit image alternative, bag, and artsy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
checked pattern/tartan

» Eau

Image by pohesy water, blue, and grunge image Temporarily removed Dream, places, and rock image

» Feu

fire, girl, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed rose, flowers, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

» Guitare

louis tomlinson, one direction, and guitar image quotes, universe, and wallpaper image Image by kami guitar, butterfly, and music image

» Hibou

owl image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed owl image

» Iris

Image removed eyes, occhi, and post image Temporarily removed eyes, iris, and pupil image

» Jupe

fashion, outfit, and pink image fashion, girl, and bag image fashion, outfit, and style image outfit and kfashion image

» Kiwi

kiwi, fruit, and food image theme, themes, and softtheme image fruit image Image removed

» Livre

book and vintage image book, 90s, and love image book, reading, and vintage image books, days, and library image

» Maison

home, house, and cabin image Image by Ramona flowers, house, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

» Nager

Image removed ocean, summer, and sea image summer, travel, and swim image adventure, photography, and travel image
to swim

» Ouragan

beautiful, nature, and night image hurricane, pink, and quotes image wallpaper image clouds, mr, and song image

» Pharaon

art, egypt, and egyptian image rami malek, mummy, and night at the museum image gold, painting, and pharaoh image black beauty, goddess, and gold image

» Quai

Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, color, and dark image gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image Temporarily removed

» Reine

Image by Raghad Al-Zoubi Temporarily removed frozen, elsa, and disney image crown, princess, and Queen image

» Serpent

snake, indie, and pink image serpent and snake image snake, animal, and archive image Mature image

» Tortue

Temporarily removed girl, summer, and beach image blue, paradise, and swimming image turtle, ocean, and sea image

» Ukulélé

guitar, no filter, and marrón image girl, grunge, and music image music, black, and guitar image autumn, chair, and comfy image

» Voiture

quotes, car, and grunge image Image by Cherry cola 🍒 auto, black, and car image lipstick, makeup, and car image

» Xylophone

blue, color, and green image instrument, music, and rainbow image adorable, dungarees, and Elizabeth image 35mm, 50mm, and analog image

» Zèbre

animals, brown, and stripes image Temporarily removed Image removed Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧

So here it is ! I didn't find any for w and y :) Love you !