I don't know what "home" feels like anymore. There are those small glimpses of an old feeling, when my heart warms and my head thinks "you belong here.". But these moments are rare. We often talk about "home" but what do we mean when we think about it?

It was sunny and the sky was blue. Not rainy, not cloudy, not a clicheé depressed autumn day. I sat in the train driving "home" and tried my hardest to hold back my tears. I held a book in my hands, but I couldn't concentrate on reading. As I was staring out of the window I watched the woods and fields rush by and the sun warmed my face. It was a beautiful day. For me, it was just another day of trying to hold back my tears and being lost in my troubled mind.

Train rides give me a lot of time to think about anything and everything. But as the dreamer I am, I love getting lost in daydreams.

I walked along a lonely path in a forest. Birds were singing sweet songs and flowers were blooming everywhere. I stopped by a pond, the water was crystal-clear. I dipped my toe in the water. It was surprisingly warm for this time of the year. I got rid of my clothes and went inside. I had no fear that anyone could see me, because this is my dream, this is a peaceful world that only exists in my head.

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I'm floating on the water's surface and I watch the clouds pass by. The water is sparkling and the air smells like summer. I'm feeling free and alive.

"...This is the last stop, everyone get off the train please." - The voice of the train driver woke me up and brought me back to reality. Iifted my head and looked out of the window. No familiar view. I looked at the sign that shows the next stops - I missed mine.

I took a deep breath. Somehow, I was totally relaxed. Because I found home. Home is inside my head. I took the train and left to go home. But not like I imagined it three hours ago.

I thank everybody who read this article. It's a bit different to what I published before, but just writing down what comes to your mind is a very good feeling.

xx Linda