Hey everyone ! It been a while i've not post a article, so sorry for this long break.

Today, i'm gonna share with you the list of some series i'll watch this Autumn. Hope it will give you ideas.

Image by Xavia

1) Riverdale :
The new season started a few days go , and i can't wait to watch it !
I already watched the first episode.

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2) Chilling Adventures of Sabrina :
I can't wait to discover this new serie. I think that it gonna be a thriller/horror serie, the opposite of the one we watched when we was kids.

netflix, sabrina, and witch image
netflix, sabrina, and kiernan shipka image

3) American Horror Story :
There's a looot of seasons, but i think i'm gonna watch directly the last season ! And maybe, i'll watch the others ahah.

american horror story, ahs, and flowers image

I think that's all for this Fall season, the next one i'll probably share with you another series.

Don't be shy to share with me your list, i'm glad to know it ! 🤩

See you soon , good luck and take care of yourselves guys ! 🙏 ✨