— this tag is just about how i got into stray kids! i'll be doing an article like this for each of my main ults :)

note: this is my first ever article, never knew how to use the article update till now, this is new to me ok i've been on whi for 5 years but this seems so different to me.

they're not my ult of ults btw lol, second ults.

1. how did you get into stray kids?

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wellll, sept. 26, 2017 was a death day, aka the day hellevator teaser came out, and ofc i have jyp notifs on youtube bc im trash, i saw the teaser, watched it, LOVED THE TEASER, and i managed to learn their faces + names before hellevator mv came out!!!

2. first song you heard?

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HELLEVATOR!!! one of the best songs of 2017, no lie. 2017 really was a year for kpop bops TBH.

3. fave songs?

as of right now? i actually love:
- voices
- m.i.a
- glow
- hellevator
- awkward silence

4. least fave songs?

uhm idk man wtf. all their songs are bops ngl

5. first bias?

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i wouldn't count jisung and chan as my first biases but they did catch my eye first before hyunjin, technically hyunjin is my first bias bc i didn't bias jichan, i just liked them.

6. your bias wreckers?

JYP, cute, and kpop image stray kids and changbin image Minho, stray kids, and lee know image stray kids, Chan, and bang chan image

7. fave ships?

hyunjin and seungmin image asian, boyfriend, and kpop image

8. why you love stray kids?

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honestly, what's not to love about skz? they're such kind hearted people who appreciate their fans a lot, they're talented and can honestly do anything. i don't know why people only see them as young boys who have visuals. i agree they do, but there's so much more than just their looks. THEY'RE A BUNCH OF SOFTIES !1!!!11!!

— i hope you liked this! i'm gonna be making more tags later!!
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