Hello Guys! ♡

Here are a few of my favourite editing apps that you can you can use to edit your Instagram stories.

Hopefully you'll find it helpful. :)

1. Unfold (Free)

Unfold provides templates that will make your stories look clean and pretty. Unfold has some nice free templates and also paid ones.

coffee, camera, and photography image Image removed

2. Kira Kira (Paid)

With Kira Kira you can create videos and photos with cool glitter effect.

aesthetics, daydream, and gif image
Edited with Kira Kira

3. Color story (Free)

With color story you can not only edit photos but also videos. All the same edits can be applied on videos.

photo, bed, and bedroom image food, waffles, and chocolate image

4. Chromic (Free)

Chromic is a video editing app that has some free filters and also paid. But what I especially like is that it has cool vintage effects.

girl, camera, and photography image

This is it. 🤗

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day!

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